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Paintballers having their safety talk

Paintballers Planning there attack

Paintballers lying in wait

"Cotswold Paintballing"
We are situated in the heart of 300 acres of beautiful woodlands. We have Forts, Towers etc, and for the very energetic we have an 80ft deep valley which is absolutely fantastic. We can offer a fantastic day out for all types of parties! Pubs, Clubs, Stag and Hen parties, Company days, Team building or just to simply de-stress

12.00 per person will get you www.iqoption.co.uk/? started.
This price includes:

  • 100 Paintballs

  • Protective Gear (Gloves not provided)

  • Tea and coffee

  • Lunch

  • Insurance

A minimum package of
300 paintballs per person.


Extra paintballs
6 per hundred up to 600 = 42 
5 per hundred up to 1000 = 20
4 per hundred there after!

How does it work?
The players are divided into two equal teams, Red or Blue. At each end of the woodland play  area, they have their own team base. The idea of the game is for you to attack the opposing teams base, shooting out your opponents, capture their flag and get it back to your base. But don't forget!! They are trying to do the same to you!

You only have 20 minutes to achieve your task Then back for refreshments and then start all over again!


Paintballers on their way to the battle field!

looking out from the tower

Paintballer ready to fire!

"300 FREE" Paintballs for the organiser
if you bring 15 people or more after your starting 100!


"Why not mix and match your day, try Paintballing in the morning and
Quading  in the afternoon!"

Great for all types of parties! Pubs, Clubs, Team-Building Activities, Stag/Hen parties, company days, or just for anyone who is looking for a GOOD DAY'S FUN!!

CotswoldQuads 2006